The Journey: Reflections of the first half; the future is bright…


From the heavens above we ponder the future below.  Spirit, everlasting, when did we begin? Will we ever end?  If God is spirit and we are of God, then we are God…encompassing all the wonder that exists within the most amazing Spirit.  We must unveil our greatness; seek and find within ourselves who we are at our core, which is God.  If we are God, we have the ability to love all things with the greatest compassion, as we should love ourselves.  As we peel the layers down to our core, like an onion makes our eyes tear, we cry at each layer of ourselves, shedding the painful experiences that we hold inside our internal cubbies; some locked away and forgotten until triggered by a familiar experience…a sound, an image, a smell.  Then the lock is broken and the pain comes flooding through like a tidal wave washing away anything good in its path. 


Before coming down to the earthly realm, we knew everything that was going to happen and we chose to come anyway to move to the next level of enlightenment.  Are there different levels of the spiritual realm based on our spiritual evolution?  Do we get to converse with the great spirits of the past? Will we dine with Jesus or bask in the presence of Buddha? We will not know until we get there, but while we are here going through this life, we can learn how to love in such a way as the great spirits that came before us.  When we begin to judge others or turn away from situations where we could make a difference, we are faced with our inadequacies and humanity.  We are godlike, but far from gods.  Still, as we learn and grow through our journey in this life, we shed more of our ego and become closer to spirit…replacing judgment with love, humility, and kindness. 


Insecurities are a human characteristic.  If we connect with our higher self, our true self, whole and complete, full of goodness, wisdom, and pure love, the essence of God, we bridge the gap between our earthly self with all of our humanity…feelings of inadequacy, egocentricity, and fear of judgment and ridicule from others,.  S(he) is amazing—a warm, vibrant, loving intense energy that makes all negativity disappear in her presence.  S(he) is safe, true, loving, kind, compassionate, faithful, warm, wise and free.  S(he) is omnipresent.  S(he) is God.  S(he) is me.




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