MFT Lic # 36687

  • Psy.D., Ryokan College, Los Angeles, 2015
  • M.A., Counseling Psychology, National University, San Diego, 1994, “With Distinction”
  • B.A., Behavioral Science, National University, San Diego, 1987, Magna cum Laude
  • A.A., General Subjects, National University, San Diego, 1984
Bringing twenty one years of full-time experience and combining the best practices in neural science, spirituality, human behavior, philosophy and theology, Dr. Smith’s Strategic Counseling Model provides the structural framework to guide clients through the difficult process of change. Dr. Smith’s approach toward healthy change carefully balances a progressive and strategic format while still maintaining the sensitivities needed for healing in a client centered approach. The Strategic Counseling Model is built from the ground up on a five-tiered model for problem identification, generating motion, creating and maintaining action, thus generating healthy change. The five tiers are neural (brain) science, attachment theory (connection & intimacy), emotional trauma recovery (of PTSD using EMDR), spiritual awareness (Mindfulness) and physical health (self-care). 
Concurrently, Fifteen years of experience in designing and coordinating complex wargames for the U.S. Military. Two years of experience as an education enhancement consultant for major U.S. Naval Training Command. Fifteen years of experience reading and evaluating brain images (SPECT Scans). Ten years of experience training other licensed therapists how to use brain imaging in their practices. Ten years of experience as a performance enhancement specialist for professionals and performers. Two years of counseling experience in a family services clinic serving the military community in North San Diego County. One year counseling experience in a locked military mental health facility. Twenty-two years of honorable military service. Three years of experience teaching psychology courses at the college level. Three years of experience serving on Regional Leadership Committee for EMDRIA. Two years of experience serving on the Board of Directors for the Recovery Assistants Foundation. One year of experience as technical advisor for T.V. series “Pensacola Wings of Gold”. Two years serving on the Board of Directors for the Better Men Organization. Eight years of experience founding and leading the Strategic Recovery Institute. Seven years of public speaking experience.

Private Psychotherapy Practice – Vista, CA (Nov. 1994 – present) See addendum for specializations.
L-3 Titan – San Diego, CA (Feb. 1999 – Sep. 2010) Significant Project Consultant / Modeling & Simulation.
Planned, designed, executed and analyzed tactical level training scenarios for major U.S. military commands.
United States Marine Corps – San Diego, CA (Jun 1980 – Feb 2002) Infantryman, Scout Sniper & Aviator.
MFT Staff Counselor (Concurrent with Military Service and Defense Contracting)
North Coast Church, Vista, CA (May 1999 – Jan. 2004)
Formalized diagnosis, treatment plans, interventions, communications architecture, and testing requirements. Supported Senior Pastoral Staff in decision-making regarding the resolution of the presenting issues from the members of the church with a minimum expenditure of resources. 
MFT Intern
Center for Family Counseling, Carlsbad, CA (Sep. 95 – Nov. 99)
Completed hours required for licensing using multi-axial diagnostic and treatment approach based in Cognitive-Behavioral theory and practice Developed skills in writing treatment plans and reports and forming accurate diagnostic impressions. Developed foundation for building and modifying communication techniques in families.
MFT Trainee
Mental Health Ward, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, CA (Oct. 93 – Sep. 95)
Provided group and individual counseling to in-patients with severe psychosis, mood disorders and substance abuse. Diagnosed and treated full range of mental health disorders with adjunctive treatment of medication management from hospital staff.
College Instructor
Park College, St. Louis, MO (Oct. 92 – Oct. 94)
Taught introductory level psychology courses to Active Duty members of the Armed Forces.
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